Monday Night RAW Results – October 8th 2018


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It was annouced that The Bella Twins would be teaming with Ronda for a rematch with the Riot Squad. Once the match arrived the would hit back and forth trying to defeat the Riot Squad once again. Not tagging in Ronda, but tagging each other in, Brie and Nikki would go back and forth with attacking members of the Riott Squad, Brie would face Liv, as a big fight broke out between the two for what Brie did a couple weeks ago to Liv. The two females rolled out of the ring still throwing punches at eachother, but later it would be broken up by Sarah Logan, Ruby Riott, Nikki and Ronda. After what just happened Nikki would get in the ring and face one of the members. Near the end of the match, Ronda would come in and do what she does best, giving people arm bars. Once they picked up the win, the twins would celebrate with Ronda, but that celebration wouldn’t last for long. As soon as Ronda turned around to go hug Brie, Nikki attacked her from behind, both Brie and Nikki started to attack Ronda, leaving her in the corner of the ring, only for Ronda to try and attack back. She would get hits on the Twins, but that didn’t stop the Double Trouble Duo. After attacking Ronda they walked up the ramp, leaving Ronda sitting there with a confused look on her face, on why the twins turned on her. Later on in the show it was annouced that at Evolution for the Main Event it would be Nikki vs Ronda for the RAW Womans Championship. 

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August 29th, 2018
SD Live recap – 08/28/18


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Brie and Daniel are announced to be on SmackDown Live later on in the show.

Almost an hour into the show Brie and Daniel are shown backstage watching replays of last week when Brie punched The Miz in the face. Before going to commercial, we were informed that the couple was up next to address The Miz and Maryse live.

Brie Bella comes out first and waits at the top of the ramp for Daniel before they make their way down to the ring along to thunderous ‘YES!’ chants. Daniel starts off by addressing the Toronto crowd, telling them it is good to be back. He recalls how the previous week The Miz and Maryse mocked his retirement. He then goes on to calling Miz and ‘very poor actor’ and pointed out the fact that he has to hide behind Maryse. Brie then spoke up claiming that she knows that she doesn’t need to be helping Bryan but she couldn’t just stand back last week and allow the ‘IT’ couple to continue talking.

As the two continued to talk, Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas and his valet decided to make their way down to the ring. Zelina claims that it is time that Andrade out-wrestles Daniel Bryan. A match was set up immediately between Andrade and Daniel Bryan with Zelina and Brie at ringside. During the match, The Miz came out to try and cause a distraction. While Daniel attempts to get Almas to tap out, Zelina climbs up on the ring apron only to be pulled down by Brie. Maryse ambushes Brie from the back causing the successful distraction. After the match, The Miz and Maryse continued to beat up on Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella until they decided it was enough.


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Smackdown LIVE! Results – March 21st 2017


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John is set to face Fandango in a one on one match, Tyler Breeze is in Fandango’s corner dressed as Nikki Bella. Or as everyone was referring him to as “Breezy Bella”. Before the match started John gestured towards the ramp and out came the real Nikki, showing Tyler how it’s done with the Bella shake as she made her way down to the ring to be in John’s corner.

Before the match came to an end, Tyler Breeze got into the ring only to be speared to the mat by Nikki herself. John set Fandango up to perform an AA while Nikki showed her tremendous strength and got Tyler into position to do the Rack Attack 2.0. Both finishers were nailed perfectly and both Tyler and Fandango were fut in the STF and Fearless Lock where both men would eventually tap out to the couple.

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Smackdown LIVE! Results – March 14th


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After The Miz and Maryse shoot a promo on John Cena and Nikki Bella, both John and Nikki run down to the ring where Maryse and The Miz were quick to exit. Nikki told John that she was going to talk then told Maryse that she was insane and that she couldn’t of possibly stopped her from getting a contract with the company because if she had, Maryse most likely wouldn’t of been standing there. She added that Maryse was pathetic, and that if she were a real woman she would step into the ring and face her.

When The Miz said Miz TV had came to an end, Daniel Bryan came out and told him that no, he didn’t get to decide when it was over, he did. Bryan pointed out that every time Nikki and John come out, Miz and Maryse run so after a few moments of talking it was made official. At Wrestlemania 33 it will be the team of John Cena and Nikki Bella versus The Miz and Maryse. The segment ended by Nikki jumping into John’s arms and giving him a kiss.

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Smackdown LIVE! Results – March 7th


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We found out the previous week before that it would be Nikki Bella and John Cena to face Carmella and James Ellsworth. Coming back from commercial we find out the first match happens to be the mixed tag team match. Ellsworth is out first cutting a promo and introduces Carmella.

Once all competitors are out, Nikki and Carmella start off the match and immediately Maryse and the Miz are coming out to scout the match and while Nikki is distracted Carmella takes the opportunity to deliver a super kick to Nikki before going to commercial break.

When they come back it’s still Nikki and Carmella in the ring and Carmella seems to be in control for the time being while it shows Maryse and Miz on commentary. Once she throws Carmella out of the ring she managed to tag John in. When Carmella goes to attack John, Nikki gets her first with a forearm before they both perform a five knuckle shuffle. John and Nikki got into the STF and Fearless Lock and then both Carmella and Ellsworth tapped out at the same time. Maryse and Miz had then attacked them after the match.


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Smackdown LIVE! Results – February 28th


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The Miz and Maryse are cutting a promo with John Cena, and the crowd is extremely into it. John Cena is about to leave the ring, Maryse stopped him and took the time to spew a few insults. She mentioned that he had a big ego and that usually people with big ego’s come with a small package. She questioned him about his respect, and had told him to “respect this” before slapping him across the face.

John backed away and laughed, telling Maryse she had just made the biggest mistake of her life when Nikki’s music hit and she came running down to stand side by side with her man while Miz and Maryse took the time to retaliate from the ring and escape through the crowd. Nikki grabs a microphone and tells Maryse that now that she messed with her man, she was going to break her and called a bitch to end the segment.

Later on John and Nikki are getting interviewed by Renee Young until they are interrupted by Carmella and James Ellsworth, a few comments were made until Carmella turns to ask James if he was really going to let Nikki talk to her like that. He went on to calling Nikki phony which resulted into a match being made for next week. John and Nikki claim that “The Phony’s” will be victorious.

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Smackdown LIVE! Falls Count Anywhere Results – February 21st


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Nikki is show warming up backstage and Renee asks what Nikki’s final thoughts are going into the match. She says that tonight she is going show everyone why she is called fearless and that after tonight, Natalya will be known as The Broken Hart. She immediately makes her way to gorilla and it’s clear that the match in up next as Nikki’s music hits and she makes her way down to the ring.

Coming back from commercial, the match starts off in the ring and Nikki goes right for a spear. Natalya escapes the ring for a moment before Nikki chases her around until they meet again in the ring. Nikki looks as if she was about to grab a table until Natalya knocked her down. Natalya beats up on her slightly until Nikki grabs a kendo stick and delivers multiple shots to Natalya’s body.

The two women eventually make it out into the crowd and Natalya is in full control. Natalya is about to deliver a suplex off of the barricade but Nikki reverses it and kicks Nattie off and delivers a roundhouse kick. Once both women were back near the ring, Natalya throws Nikki into the steel steps and grabs the kendo stick as if she were going to use it but changes her mind and clears the announcers table.

Nikki manages to Alabama slam Natalya onto the announcers table and only managed to pin her for a two count before Nattie is kicking out. Coming back from commercial break Natalya has Nikki in the sharpshooter and Nikki is crawling towards the ring ropes. It seems as if both women are heading up the ramp and making their way towards the backstage.

They get backstage and share a few shots but Nikki is thrown into Maryse. Natalya pulls Nikki up but only for Natalya’s head to go through a mirror. When both women got back into the arena area, Nikki goes for the Fearless Lock until Maryse comes down with a pipe and delivers multiple hits to Nikki until The Miz rushes down to carry her off.

Winner by pinfall: Natalya

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Royal Rumble Results – January 29th 2017


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The six women tag team match is on the kickoff show, Naomi entered first then came Nikki. She did her signature spin at the top of the ramp before heading on down to the ring. Both women waited for Becky as they replayed what had happened on Smackdown LIVE! between Becky, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James.

Nikki starts off the match with Natalya, both women getting in each other’s face. Natalya taunted Nikki with her boyfriend’s signature “You Can’t See Me” hand wave. Nikki gave her a harsh slap and that was enough for Natalya to tag out and for Alexa Bliss to enter the match. The women went back and forth for a few moments before Nikki tagged in Naomi. Later on, all six women entered the match only for Becky, Naomi and Nikki to suplex all three opponents at the same time.

Coming back from a small commercial break, Becky Lynch is getting dominated in the ring. When Becky Lynch went to make the tag to Nikki, Natalya had pulled her off of the ring and down to the floor so Lynch was unable to make the tag. Nikki then gets back in the ring to spear Natalya who tried interfering in the match.

It was then left to Naomi and Alexa whilst the other women were down and out, both women did great but in the end Naomi hit the Springboard Moonsault and pinned Alexa for the win. After, all three women were left in the ring to celebrate their victory with each other.

Winner by pinfall: Nikki Bella, Naomi & Becky Lynch.

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Smackdown LIVE! Results – January 17th


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Nikki is seen backstage before commercial break heading towards the ring, she checks each and every corner to make sure there isn’t any surprise attack like the previous week. Apparently she has some words of her own that Natalya needs to hear.

Once back from the break, Nikki heads down to the ring and she has a microphone in her hand. She claims that last week they were only just getting started and that they were going to finish what they started last week, she then demanded Natalya come down to the ring immediately. Moments later Natalya could be heard calling Nikki’s name, no one quite knew where it was coming from at first but we were all quick to learn that she is up in the stands.

Natalya then tells Nikki to shut up and that it’s her turn to speak. Eventually she would turn around and head up the stairs of the arena to locate the merchandise table. She mocked the fans about how they weren’t allowed behind the counter, pin pointing all of the Nikki Bella merchandise and ripping it all down. Nikki wasn’t too far behind as she hopped over the barricade to the same spot.

Natalya then claimed that Nikki and her “ex-uncle Bret” were the same, they both were going to die alone. Moments later, Nikki came charging at Natalya and both women went through the table that contained most of the shirts. They brawled on the floor quite a bit, a security guard was slapped in the face by Nikki at one point. But when both women were getting pulled away — one thing was for certain. This wasn’t over between the both of them.

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