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For a variety of reasons, tensions are high between Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan. Not, full-on-fight tensions, mind you, more like a running thread of passive-aggression that makes everyone around them very uncomfortable. It doesn’t help that Brie gets stick shift lessons from John Cena when Bryan ends up being too busy to teach her, nor that Bryan retaliates by getting swimming lessons from J.J.’s sister-in-law instead of Brie.

Apart from having people to help her get around, which is going swimmingly, the Bella family experiment has not been panning out quite as Nikki expected. What she initially thought would be a great opportunity for her to spend time with John Cena while they both recover from injury is turning out to be incredibly one-sided, as Cena’s manic rehabilitation schedule keeps him occupied for the vast majority of the day. Even their one attempt at a nice dinner goes awry when Nikki, who’s counting calories since she can’t work out, overindulges at lunch, meaning she can’t spare the calories for a full meal. To make that matter worse, she fibs about it to Cena, which ruffles his feathers. However, to Nikki’s credit, she stands her ground and tells Cena that shuffling everything to the side to focus on rehab isn’t fair to her.

Lost in the shuffle of Episode 1 was the fact that the Bellas’ mother, Kathy Colace, is engaged to John Laurinaitis himself, but the spouses-to-be are front and center in Episode 2, and seemingly ready to elope. This doesn’t exactly sit well with the Bellas and J.J., who are worried about their mother’s apparent tendency to rush into marriages. It doesn’t help matters that Big Johnny’s mulling over a prenup, information which makes its way back to Brie and then, finally, to Kathy, who’s spitting nails over the fact that Johnny would discuss their business with the boys over cigars.

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Total Bellas Episode #1 – The Cena House Rules


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Nikki Bella’s injured, John Cena’s injured, Daniel Bryan’s retired, Mama Bella is engaged to John Laurinaitis himself, and Nikki, as we mentioned, is injured. We mention it twice because the nature of her injury — and the career-threatening surgery she undergoes to repair it — necessitates that The Fearless One’s entire extended family — Brie Bella, Bryan, and brother JJ — move into Nikki and Cena’s mansion to act as some combination of moral support and caretaker team in the series premiere of E!’s Total Bellas. Unfortunately, bringing a family of wildly differing personalities under the singular, iron-fisted rule of the Cenation leader leads, predictably, to some conflict.

The problems for the crew start almost instantly, when Bryan bristles at the very vague purpose (“to help,” though no specifics are given) with which he and Brie have been summoned to Nikki’s home. The extended family decides to take it all in stride, however, until Cena lays out the regimented rules of the household, which as Brie points out, are so strict they stop just short of a designated curfew. The family themselves decides they’ll be able to work within Cena’s parameters, but Brie and Bryan’s dog, Josie, provides a bit of a wild card option.

In the most revealing moment of the episode, it is revealed that Bryan, since his retirement, has become somewhat closed off. The Beard explains that losing the profession that has defined him has kicked off a grieving process of sorts for him, which means he basically needs an adjustment period before he feels like himself again. That doesn’t stop the Bellas and their family from gabbing about their comparatively robust relationships, which leaves poor JJ squirming during one particularly cringe-worthy happy hour.

Brie and Bryan’s beloved pooch is frazzled by the move from almost the second she shows up, and it finally comes to a head when she bites Cena’s leg in a fit of panic. Cena’s stone-faced fury leaves Braniel shaken, but a solution is clearly required. Ultimately, they decide to build a dog run so Josie can have a space to let off some steam. Only problem is, neither Cena nor Nikki OK’ed the construction of said run, so when Nikki discovers their plan, it’s countdown to a showdown at a formal family dinner. At their wits’ end, Brie and Bryan are all set to call off the move-in experiment and head back home, but once it comes out at dinner that everyone is walking on eggshells around Cena, he acknowledges he’s a difficult person to live with but nobody should feel apprehensive about airing any grievances they have or suggesting something they think will help improve everyone’s quality of living. After all, he says, they’re stuck together for a while. Things are bound to go wrong at some point.

We cannot wait to see what is in store for next week’s episode!

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