Royal Rumble Results – January 29th 2017


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The six women tag team match is on the kickoff show, Naomi entered first then came Nikki. She did her signature spin at the top of the ramp before heading on down to the ring. Both women waited for Becky as they replayed what had happened on Smackdown LIVE! between Becky, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James.

Nikki starts off the match with Natalya, both women getting in each other’s face. Natalya taunted Nikki with her boyfriend’s signature “You Can’t See Me” hand wave. Nikki gave her a harsh slap and that was enough for Natalya to tag out and for Alexa Bliss to enter the match. The women went back and forth for a few moments before Nikki tagged in Naomi. Later on, all six women entered the match only for Becky, Naomi and Nikki to suplex all three opponents at the same time.

Coming back from a small commercial break, Becky Lynch is getting dominated in the ring. When Becky Lynch went to make the tag to Nikki, Natalya had pulled her off of the ring and down to the floor so Lynch was unable to make the tag. Nikki then gets back in the ring to spear Natalya who tried interfering in the match.

It was then left to Naomi and Alexa whilst the other women were down and out, both women did great but in the end Naomi hit the Springboard Moonsault and pinned Alexa for the win. After, all three women were left in the ring to celebrate their victory with each other.

Winner by pinfall: Nikki Bella, Naomi & Becky Lynch.

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No Mercy Results – October 9th 2016


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After weeks of trying to fight off Carmella’s relentless and cruel attacks against her, Nikki Bella gained redemption by defeating The Princess of Staten Island in a hard-hitting battle at WWE No Mercy. The victory was anything but easy as The Princess of Staten Island was determined to earn the biggest win of her career at the expense of Nikki. Despite Carmella’s viciousness, Nikki remained resilient en route to conquering her rival.  Nikki Bella turns the tables on Carmella with an impressive display of strength at No Mercy. Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network. Nikki was aggressive out of the gate, forcing Carmella to go on the defensive. But, it didn’t take long for Carmella to turn the tables on the longest reigning Divas Champion ever, targeting her previously injured neck with utter disdain. At one point, Carmella seemed primed to pick up the win after locking in the Code of Silence on her opponent. However, after Nikki reached the ropes, Carmella lost her cool and subsequently, her focus. This opened the door for Nikki to hit the Rack Attack 2.0 for the win.

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Backlash Results – September 11th, 2016


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The last female contender out is Nikki Bella, she takes her time getting down to the ring while eyeing Carmella for the previous weeks she had been attacked and laid out by the Princess of Staten Island. She is also sporting what seems to be colors of the United States flag on her gear, which we seem to think is a tribute to this historic day.

Nikki first goes for Carmella who is quick to exit the ring, which results in Alexa attempting to roll Nikki up while she’s distracted though she only gets to a mere one count. Then right after Nikki gets clotheslined over the top rope by Natalya. When Carmella finished beating on Natalya, the camera changed angles and shows Nikki Bella slowly approaching her from behind. When Carmella notices, she seems kind of afraid of Nikki. Carmella can be seen mouthing “You wanna go?” with Nikki responding “Yep.”, the two are about to go at it until Natalya and Alexa break it up. Alexa hit Nikki from behind, and while Nikki was sprawled out on the ring mat, Alexa quickly hits her signature to go in for the pin. Fortunately she only gets to a two count before Nikki kicks out.

Nikki finds some time to re-cooperate in the corner before Alexa charges for her, Nikki side steps with an elbow followed by a kick to the side of the head to Alexa. It gives Nikki a chance to go for the pin but Alexa kicks out at two. She was working Alexa over afterwards, delivering shoulder after shoulder to the abdomen. Alexa jumped up to do a flip into a cover, again only getting to two until Nikki kicked out. Nikki then smartly rolled out of the ring to avoid further damage.

Nikki then get back in the ring a minute or two after and immediately took to Carmella, seeking revenge. She speared her and delivered punch after punch. But Carmella turned the match around momentarily when they’d both gotten up, giving Nikki a large punch to the side of the face. She then drives Nikki face first into the mat and gets her into the Code of Silence. Which Nikki reversed by standing and delivering an Alabama Slam. Nikki gets to a near three count before Carmella kicks out last millisecond. Nikki stands and gets Carmella up, getting her into the corner and sitting her up on the turnbuckle, delivering punches and setting up for what looked like a suplex. Carmella began swinging elbows but Nikki still got her set up for the suplex until Natalya got underneath and performed a superplex powerbomb on both women. Alexa then got in the ring and attempted to cover each superstar, though all three kicked out and she disposed of them out of the ring.

Nikki then gets back into the ring, throwing Carmella out and while most women were outside of the ring it seemed Nikki was going to attempt a suicide dive up until Carmella quickly got into the ring and stopped it and tossed her back out onto the ring floor.

Nikki is back in the ring going for Naomi but she gets a kick to he head, Naomi was going to attempt to jump off the top rope to attack Nikki but was met with a loud and painful forearm. She was going for the pin until Natalya stopped her and threw her shoulder first into the ring post.

Carmella and Natalya seemed to be forming an alliance while Nikki was backed into the ring post, until Natalya turned to clothesline Carmella and that gave Nikki the opportunity to knock Natalya down and get her into a fireman’s carry in to a cutter for the three count, therefor eliminating Natalya.

Carmella then cheaply rolled up Nikki getting her eliminated, Nikki stood up after realizing what happened. Carmella began yelling and telling Nikki to get out followed by her pushing Nikki. Nikki then gave a harsh slap to Carmella before getting out and leaving the area.

Winner & new Smackdown Women’s Champion: Becky Lynch

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August 22nd, 2016
Summerslam Results


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Natalya, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella def. Naomi, Carmella and Becky Lynch.

While Naomi, Carmella and Becky were in the ring, out came Natalya and Alexa who waited at the bottom for their mystery partner. Eva Marie’s music began playing and her special announcer went on to introduce her but finished with that she was not there due to anxiety and the heat from the crowd. The in ring announcer went on to introducing who was going to be replacing missus “All Red Everything”.  About a few seconds later we heard the familiar entrance music that we’ve all been waiting for — Nikki Bella came out to a loud pop from the crowd to make her return and to earn herself a place on the Smackdown roster.

The match started off with Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch and Alexa immediately went for a quick pin that only got to a one count. For the first few minutes it was back and forth pins and blows to one another before the Irish Lass Kicker tagged Naomi in whereas Alexa went and tagged Natalya before she could get herself a piece of Naomi. Naomi quickly went for a jackknife cover that was then kicked out by Natalya at two. The two women went back and forth and Noami went for a pin, only getting a two count before the Queen of Harts kicked out.

Naomi then went on and made the tag to the Princess of Staten Island, Carmella. Although she was quick to moonwalk out of harms way until Natalya made her point across that she wasn’t having any of it. A hurricanrana was performed by Carmella before Natalya made the wise decision to roll out of the ring. It lasted for a little longer until Natalya finally tagged Nikki into the match. She immediately goes for a suplex and proceeds to pin but only gets to a two count before Carmella kicked out. The match went on and Nikki hit an Alabama Slam going in for a cover which only got to two when Carmella kicked out, as she tried to recovered Nikki began doing push ups to taunt.

Nikki then tagged Alexa back into the match and she wasted zero time going after Carmella in attempts for wear her down even further. Carmella built up a small bit of momentum but failed too tag one of her partners in. Natalya was later on then tagged into the match and went for a pin which was kicked out of at two. T he match continued on with Natalya dominating. Nikki and Alexa were both knocked off the ring apron by Carmella before she desperately tried to get to her partners. Becky Lynch was tagged in and it seemed chaos broke out when Nikki and Alexa entered the ring in attempts of a distraction which only ended up in a three person pile up directed by Becky herself. The match was now controlled by Becky Lynch who went for a pin after delivering an enziguri. Nikki was quick to break the pin.

Alexa had been tagged back in and she was already getting dominated by Naomi, and after a few failed attempted the blonde went to go and tag Nikk in. Nikki wasted little time making sure Naomi stayed down, but Naomi managed to make the tag to Carmella who came in and delivered a sper kick straight a way to the face of Nikki. Natalya and Alexa came in for a distraction and it gave Nikki enough time to deliver a forearm followed by a Fireman’s Cary Cutter to get the pin for the win.



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