Monday Night RAW Results – October 8th 2018 


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It was annouced that The Bella Twins would be teaming with Ronda for a rematch with the Riot Squad. Once the match arrived the would hit back and forth trying to defeat the Riot Squad once again. Not tagging in Ronda, but tagging each other in, Brie and Nikki would go back and forth with attacking members of the Riott Squad, Brie would face Liv, as a big fight broke out between the two for what Brie did a couple weeks ago to Liv. The two females rolled out of the ring still throwing punches at eachother, but later it would be broken up by Sarah Logan, Ruby Riott, Nikki and Ronda. After what just happened Nikki would get in the ring and face one of the members. Near the end of the match, Ronda would come in and do what she does best, giving people arm bars. Once they picked up the win, the twins would celebrate with Ronda, but that celebration wouldn’t last for long. As soon as Ronda turned around to go hug Brie, Nikki attacked her from behind, both Brie and Nikki started to attack Ronda, leaving her in the corner of the ring, only for Ronda to try and attack back. She would get hits on the Twins, but that didn’t stop the Double Trouble Duo. After attacking Ronda they walked up the ramp, leaving Ronda sitting there with a confused look on her face, on why the twins turned on her. Later on in the show it was annouced that at Evolution for the Main Event it would be Nikki vs Ronda for the RAW Womans Championship. 

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