No Mercy Results – October 9th 2016 


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After weeks of trying to fight off Carmella’s relentless and cruel attacks against her, Nikki Bella gained redemption by defeating The Princess of Staten Island in a hard-hitting battle at WWE No Mercy. The victory was anything but easy as The Princess of Staten Island was determined to earn the biggest win of her career at the expense of Nikki. Despite Carmella’s viciousness, Nikki remained resilient en route to conquering her rival.  Nikki Bella turns the tables on Carmella with an impressive display of strength at No Mercy. Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network. Nikki was aggressive out of the gate, forcing Carmella to go on the defensive. But, it didn’t take long for Carmella to turn the tables on the longest reigning Divas Champion ever, targeting her previously injured neck with utter disdain. At one point, Carmella seemed primed to pick up the win after locking in the Code of Silence on her opponent. However, after Nikki reached the ropes, Carmella lost her cool and subsequently, her focus. This opened the door for Nikki to hit the Rack Attack 2.0 for the win.

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