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As she prepares to team with her beau, John Cena, to battle The Miz & Maryse at WrestleMania, Nikki Bella steps in front of's cameras for her hottest photo shoot ever.
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 Total Bellas Episode #2 – Quickie Fix


Episode Stills | Screen Captures

For a variety of reasons, tensions are high between Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan. Not, full-on-fight tensions, mind you, more like a running thread of passive-aggression that makes everyone around them very uncomfortable. It doesn’t help that Brie gets stick shift lessons from John Cena when Bryan ends up being too busy to teach her, nor that Bryan retaliates by getting swimming lessons from J.J.’s sister-in-law instead of Brie. Of course, there is a deeper disconnect at work here, but luckily, like all married couples, they work it out and Bryan shows up to morning coffee with a spring in his step.... READ MORE

 Smackdown Live – August 28th 2018


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Brie Bella comes out first and waits at the top of the ramp for Daniel before they make their way down to the ring along to thunderous ‘YES!’ chants. Daniel starts off by addressing the Toronto crowd, telling them it is good to be back. He recalls how the previous week The Miz and Maryse mocked his retirement. He then goes on to calling Miz and ‘very poor actor’ and pointed out the fact that he has to hide behind Maryse... READ MORE

 PPV : No Mercy


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After weeks of trying to fight off Carmella’s relentless and cruel attacks against her, Nikki Bella gained redemption by defeating The Princess of Staten Island in a hard-hitting battle at WWE No Mercy. The victory was anything but easy as The Princess of Staten Island was determined to earn the biggest win of her career at the expense of Nikki... READ MORE


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Total Divas S6E7 “A Win-Wine Situation”
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Episode Stills | Screen Captures

On this week of Total Divas, The Bella’s had gone to the gym to discuss about what they wanted to do, and they decided to go to Napa Valley and sit by the pool drinking there wine and talking about Birdie Bee. But Brie had another plane which was to just go and enjoy themselves and enjoy there little vacation. But as soon as they would get to Napa and sit down to enjoy some nice Wine Nikki would bring up that she wanted to start making wine with Brie but Brie would disagree and tell her that she’s just trying to put a lot of stuff on her plate like John does. Later in the night they would meet up with there good friends who own a Winery in Napa, and to talk to them about the two starting there own Bella wine. Brie would be quick and tell her no, and that Nikki wanted to, Ryan and Tim would later bring up that the both of them could try and see how it is to make wine as Brie finally agreed. After them testing out how to make Wine Brie and Nikki sat by the pool talking and stuff as Nikki would get heated up after Brie would tell her that she just wants to try and be the same as John, but Nikki fired back and said that she doesn’t want to be John and that she thinks she could be better then John only to later walk away from her sister. Brie got on the phone with Brian to tell him what just happened as he told her that she was in the wrong for what she just said to Nikki and that she should go apologize. Brie would later listen to her husband and met up with Nikki to tell her that she’s sorry for what she said and that she will support Nikki in making wine, which later then ended up to Nikki wanting Brie to massage her feet.


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